Our Advantage

Classrooms, phone apps, and web-based content; the current methods of language learning are slow, unmotivating, and expensive to scale. VRnacular provides a new option, user-driven virtual reality games that combine storytelling and problem-solving in culturally contextualized environments, enabling the player to learn language anywhere at anytime.


Motivation is the most significant predictor of language learning success

Here's how we motivate learners to gain language proficiency


Narrative Immersion

Journey through language learning in the midst of a compelling storyline


Develop proficiency at your pace, receiving support when you decide


Attain skills and progress by completing problem-solving adventures


Cultural Artifacts

Interact with common objects associated with the language you are learning

Local Characters

Meet and engage with culturally authentic characters

Historic Sites

Explore the world of a language modeled after real locations


Attain Proficiency
Maintain Proficiency
Build Cultural Awareness

Learn a critical world language in a more efficient, engaging and scalable method. Players can choose the dialect, proficiency level, and desired skills they wish to attain.

VR allows us to learn vocabulary in real-life environments, improving retention through spatial cognition. We are more likely to remember information that is situated in an authentic context.

Experience the colors, clothes, sounds, food, and stories of your chosen language in a culturally contextualized virtual reality world, modeled after actual locations.

Total Immersion

Kinesthetic movement helps students retain learning through embodied cognition, engaging multiple senses through roleplay and repetitive tasks.

Game-based Learning

Learning through play motivates the user to engage their problem-solving skills and apply their newly attained language skills to move forward in the game.

Highest Learning Transfer

The use of multiple environments and narrative framework allows users to successfully apply acquired behavior, knowledge, and skills to real-world situations.


Our Process

High-quality inputs create a high-quality product. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the use of best practices in game design and language pedagogy to provide a top-notch learning experience. We travel around the world to the places in which critical languages are spoken. During our visits, we record and document the sights, sounds, foods, clothes, people, locations, and culture of a language. We then use talented 3D modelers and game developers to recreate these authentic environments, characters, and objects in virtual reality, so that you can interact with them as you play.

Meet The Founder

Rebecca Mandich: CEO

Rebecca leverages her unique understanding of world language education to create more effective learning experiences in VR. Holding a Masters from UW-Madison, she specializes in language pedagogy, instructional technology, and game-based learning. During her career, Rebecca directed multiple language immersion study abroad programs in Tanzania. Her passion and experience in language pedagogy give her a unique edge in the design and development of VR language learning games.